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Standing Up A Great Sales Story

Have you ever gotten a prospect close to becoming a customer and then saw the sale stall as they asked for more time, more information, or needed to check with another decision maker before making a decision themselves? Most salespeople consider these delays part of their sales cycle, but in industries that already have years-long sales processes, anything that speeds up the sales cycle while providing a transparent experience is something they’re willing to invest in. That’s what got us speaking with Bruce Evans, Vice President of Franchise Development with Capriotti’s. He’s responsible for ensuring his sales team doesn’t just…

Pursuing More Profitable Prospects

The dream of salespeople is to only work with prospects and customers who are easy to close, friendly, and who respect the value you bring to the table. These are ‘profitable prospects,’ and they’re the unicorns that salespeople spend careers pursuing.But what is a ‘profitable prospect’? Is it the one with the most margin, the one that generates the best commission, the one that gives the most referrals or the one who closes fastest? Or a combination of all of these?How do we begin to define and create a pipeline of profitable prospects – not in ten or twenty years…

Systemizing Trust With Client Testimonials

We’ve heard that customers have to both know, like and trust us before buying. What if we could start every conversation focused on the most important element: Trust? Developing trust faster with prospects doesn’t take NLP or language tricks. Instead, developing trust faster comes from understanding the struggles our prospects are going through and empathizing. But what if we’ve never actually had their challenges because we don’t have their credentials or job title? That’s where story-based testimonials come in. But not just any testimonial – John Livesay has been systemizing a very impactful form of storytelling that shares the experiences…

Systemizing Stories That Sell

As a salesperson, have you ever found yourself in a conversation with a prospect and couldn’t seem to get them interested in you, your company or your product or service? It’s a problem that’s plagued the world of sales since the beginning of time. Companies spend millions each year trying to turn it around with marketing campaigns, billboards, anything to raise awareness of their brands. But what if you don’t have millions to spend on advertising, or don’t have the time to wait for folks to see your brand enough to remember it? That’s the challenge we discussed with Jim…

How To Stop Salvaging Sales

If you manage a sales team or are the senior member on your squad, you’ve likely been asked to parachute in on an at-risk sale. While you’re not literally strapping a parachute to your back, you are being asked to solve other people’s problems. That may be in the job description of a leader, but the way most leaders go about salvaging sales does nothing for the long-term success of the team. Unfortunately, taking the time to jump on every sales call and solve problems 1:1 means putting out the same fires over and over. When we sat down with…

Preventing Prospect Attrition

How many times have you had a great conversation with a prospect, discussed next steps and hung up the phone or left the meeting feeling on top of the world? And how many times did that feeling disappear when you found out the prospect went with another supplier? That problem is exactly the issue we discussed with Matt Tolbert, a sales leader in the bitcoin industry. His salespeople also struggled with prospect attrition until he realized the system that keeps prospects in play is simple and yet has a massive impact on ensuring prospects stay in play. Because we’re trimming…




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