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Saving The Sale With Bad News

Great salespeople are solution providers, but even the best salespeople eventually have to deliver bad news to a prospect or client – delivery delays, supply chain issues, incorrect orders – and what happens when it’s time to deliver bad news can make or break the relationship. If we’re not solution providers even when things go wrong, we shouldn’t be trusted to provide solutions when everything is going right. A sales leader whose industry has been hit hard by supply chain issues during COVID is Ingo Heiland. To ensure his salespeople maintained their relationships even when delivering bad news, he had…

Systemizing Time Manangement For Salespeople

In the midst of making calls, sending emails, studying industry trends and responding to inquiries, salespeople are also expected to know what to do and when to do it throughout their day. Unfortunately, hoping salespeople do the right thing at the right time is a recipe for responding to whichever fire is burning hottest. In order to effectively plan our days, we need to take a few minutes at the end of each day to review results and map out the best use of our time the next day. An old saying attributed to Abraham Lincoln is: “If you give…

Overcoming New Objections

If you’ve been in sales long enough, then you’ve been stopped cold by a prospect. Maybe they asked a question that you stumbled through or had an objection you couldn’t overcome. Sales teams invest a lot of money training their folks to respond to basic questions, but what inevitably happens? The scripts aren’t specific to your industry or your prospects. Or your industry changes, competitors enter the scene and we hear new questions and objections that no one prepared us for. There are two things that can happen when a salesperson creates a response for a question or objection that…

Differentiating In A Changing Market

With competition tougher than ever for many salespeople, we’re not only challenged with getting into conversations but also being relevant. As many businesses begin to recover from a year of shutdowns and supply chain issues, they’re looking for partners that not only offer a great product or service, but also those who can guide them into a quicker recovery.Doug Jenkinson is very familiar with a volatile market – his company sells to the airline industry, a market that was hit especially hard by COVID-19. To ensure his salespeople came out of the gate running when pandemic restrictions began to ease,…

Asking More Relevant Questions

The worst time to think about the things you’re going to talk about with a prospect is when you’re in a conversation with them. To solve this problem, many sales teams create a list of discovery questions or call scripts that remind them of the things they need to know about a prospect or their company to make better recommendations. Unfortunately, many of those scripts and discovery questions go unused. Why? It’s because our prospects’ world changes rapidly and so do their challenges. The discovery questions we learned in sales training or that were created months (or years) ago don’t…

Leveraging A Salesperson’s Most Important Asset

The most valuable resource salespeople have isn’t their network, their experience, or even the notes in their CRM. According to Jeff Goldberg, who has been in the field of sales and sales training for almost 50 years, the most valuable and under-appreciated resource salespeople have is their integrity. Fortunately, integrity is something every salesperson can leverage as an asset no matter the size of their company, the length of their sales cycle or their experience in their industry. The 2021 LinkedIn Sales Report ranks trust as the #1 factor in sales success – yet so few sales teams are putting…




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