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Why Over-Delivering Kills Sales

The first question a prospect has to answer before becoming a customer is: “Do I trust this company?”And salespeople, in an effort to accelerate that trust, often try to over-commit and over-deliver.This actually kills more sales than it creates. But let’s back up a bit, because every time a salesperson interacts with a prospect, a commitment is being made (even if all we’re doing is sending an email or leaving them a voicemail).If a salesperson looks back over their interactions with prospects over the course of just a few weeks, they’ll see dozens  -- or hundreds – of commitments they’ve…

Why Salespeople Struggle To Engage New Prospects

In a period of history where almost all of our prospects are struggling, the last thing a salesperson wants to be is another problem to deal with. Unfortunately, that's exactly how most prospects see us. Why? It's because salespeople rarely show up with valuable information - solutions that mean our prospects struggle less after talking with us.  Salespeople who show up with solutions usually find their prospects have time to chat. But how do we consistently source and communicate solutions in the midst of all the prospecting, account management, record keeping and customer service tasks we have to manage? When…

Have You Re-Opened Your Closing Process?

A lot of salespeople can get a prospect close to becoming a client and then drop the ball on the final inches of the race. They may say their prospect didn’t have the budget, another supplier undercut them, it turns out it’s not the right time, etc. Regardless of the reason, it’s a mis-management of the closing process. The problem is, so many salespeople wait until the month or week they’re projected to close a deal before handling things that should have been ascertained during discovery. Hal Deadwyler, a sales leader with Call MC, recently educated us on how he…

The Importance Of A Crisis Campaign

It’s inevitable that sooner or later, our prospects and clients will go through a time of crisis. Whether that crisis is negative, such as a downturn in their own businesses, or positive, as in a lot of demand and not enough personnel or supplies to deliver, the salespeople who are prepared to be a solution are the ones who will get the business.But few salespeople take the time to plan a ‘crisis campaign’ so they can be ready to step in and be a strategic solution provider to their prospects. Why?Salespeople are busy, and few take the time to think…

More Sales With New Products And Services

In the midst of all the call quotas, meeting goals and closed business salespeople have to manage, it’s easy to hope we remember to mention new products or services we have available. Multi-tasking account management, prospecting for new leads and educating prospects on new ways we can help almost guarantees those new products and services go unused. Why is it critical that we not let new products and services drop on our priority lists? Our prospects’ worlds are changing at a rapid pace, and they’re looking for providers who can help them move into the future and avoid pitfalls along…

Ensuring Salespeople Re-Engage Unresponsive Prospects

Chad Hastings, a sales manager with Alta Equipment, shared a strategy with us that allows sales leaders to hold their salespeople accountable for reaching out to all their accounts – not just the easy ones to do business with. Salespeople don’t exist to sell our products and services as quickly as possible. Rather, they exist to sell our products and services to as many people as possible. That means ensuring salespeople are maintaining contact with all their accounts throughout the year, not just the ones easy to do business with. Hoping our salespeople stay in contact with hundreds of accounts…




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