Salespeople know that being top of mind is critical in turning prospects into customers, but ‘just reaching out’ to ‘check in’ won’t win us clients. In this week’s episode of Bulletproof Selling, we look at how to stay relevant throughout the year with all our prospects in ways they’ll find valuable – and of course, how to turn it into a Bulletproof system!

Sales leaders have a lot of important jobs, one of them being coaching their salespeople to get better at what they do. However, a lot of leaders spend most of their time managing their salespeople instead of leading them. The difference? It’s ensuring that what salespeople learn creates change, and that sales managers ensure that change lasts. 

Whether we’re managing a pipeline of ten or hundreds, it’s important to know when to remove prospects who aren’t a great fit. In this interview with Alex Texeira, we dive into the processes he advises his salespeople use to ensure their pipelines are full or folks who will be great prospects, today or in the future.

In this episode of Bulletproof Selling, we’re talking sales systems with Dale Roznowski, an engineer-turner-sales-leader. Dale explains that many salespeople miss out on results because they’re not prioritizing which prospects we need to reach out to at different times of the year. This is a valuable system to begin using to replace hope with certainty!

While many salespeople are familiar with using technology for prospecting, few are aware of the power it can have to ensure deals close as well. In this live interview with sales and tech expert Phil Gerbyshak, we dive into how we can systemize technology throughout the sales process to replace hope with certainty.

Emails have become standard in sales outreach, but there are many mistakes salespeople make that keep them from being opened or responded to. In this episode of Bulletproof Selling, we sit down with multiple hall-of-fame speaker and sales expert Jim Cathcart as he walks us through how to apply timeless sales strategies to one of the newest forms of communication. 

Salespeople who win don’t have the cheapest price or the sexiest product or service. Instead, they’re the ones with great follow up. In this conversation with sales expert Meridith Elliott Powell, we discuss the systemization of great follow up, when to use it, and how to ensure it generates results!

Great salespeople are busy serving clients and prospecting for new ones. In this interview with best selling author and sales expert Mark Hunter “The Sales Hunter”, we dive into why the best salespeople work off of their calendars instead of a to-do list.

The sales system we develop on-air can help any salesperson avoid the mistakes so many make in time management, more efficiently use their calendars, and make more sales!

In the inaugural episode of Bulletproof Selling, we’re diving into how we can trim hope from our sales strategies. Instead of hoping we remember what works with our next call, email or buyer conversation, we can establish systems that ensure we’re performing consistently, closing more deals and providing more value to our clients!


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Clients immediately benefit from improved results for their salespeople, teams and organizations. Bulletproof Selling means salespeople can replace hope with certainty, close more deals and provide more value to more customers.

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